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1. All players must have their name on their water bottle.
2. All players must drop the flag, immediately after pulling it. No more handing the flag back to your opponent.
3. Teams are encouraged to call plays verbally or use wristcoaches.
4. No handshake line after games. To show sportsmanship, teams are encouraged to wave or collectively cheer "Good Game _______"
5. Everyone but players, coaches and officials must stay in the stands and sit six-feet apart from folks who they do not shelter with. This applies to games and practice.
6. Player Mouth-guards are OPTIONAL and NOT MANATORY
7. All players, except the quarterback must wear gloves.
8. Officials, coaches, quarterbacks and any other person who may touch a ball through the course of the game, must sanitize hands before and after each game.
9. The team on offense is responsible for retrieving the ball after each play and spotting their own ball per the officials instruction. Officials should not touch the footballs.
10. Two teams are not allowed on the same sideline.
11. All players on the sideline must stay 6-feet apart or more.
12. All teams must use their own ball on offense.
13. Officials and coaches should not make any physical contact with players.
14. The DYFFL uses all NFL Flag rules, all contact, (grabbing, blocking, jamming) is against the rules. These will be a point of emphasis in 2020 and "no contact" will extend to pre-game, post-game, and in game celebrations.
15. Officials are required to wear masks while the game is not in play. Masks are optional for officials while the game is in play.
16. Coaches should wear masks at all times.
17. All players should wear masks or gaiters when they are not on the field or in a designated warm-up area.
18. No more than 50 people (players, coaches & officials) allowed on, or around, any 30x70 yard flag football field.
19. All players, coaches and official must sign a COVID-19 specific waiver prior to participating in any MFFL event.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.