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What happens after I register?

  • After the League Scheduled Coaches Meeting, we will assign players to teams and create the roster.
  • The roster will be provided to the Team Manager/Coach at the Coach's Meeting.
  • The Volunteer Team Managers/Coach will be instructed to contact their players within 3-5 days after the Coach's Meeting.
  • If you do not hear from your Volunteer Team Manager/Coach within 3-5 days AFTER the Coach's meeting please contact us at

What do I need for to be able to play?

  • Football/Soccer Cleats.
  • Black shorts (No Pockets Preferred)
  • No Flat Sole Shoes.
  • No toe cleats or metal cleats (Example: No Baseball cleats)

Coach and Player Requests:

Based on registration demands, Dover Youth Flag will do our best to accommodate practice times, days and location. However, these are subject to coach's availability. There are no guarantees that requests will be met. Our main goal is the fun experience and quality training of the athletes. Parents are registering with the understanding that accommodating practice day, times and location is not the main focus.

Where and when are the team practices?

This will depend on the coach. The coach will determine the Day(s) and Time. Location for all practices will be held at the Dover Elks Lodge Address: 282 Durham Road Dover NH - Please keep in mind that the coach is volunteering his/her time and he or she will do their best to accommodate everyones schedule.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.